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Pre-Construction Services

Our project management is as flexible as our clients' projects are unique. Whether you are looking for detailed estimates for a tight budget, or individual attention for specialized projects, Pacific Studio has you covered.
We focus on optimizing our craft and your cost. Pacific Studio has the technical knowledge to be creative within any confines, boosting the project value for you.

Art & Design

Good design tells a story. Based on your project scope and needs, we apply our artistry and imagination to transform graphic concepts into built environments.
We are experts in three-dimensional works of art. Pacific Studio works with you to create jaw-dropping models, replicas, and sculptures.
Exhibit design and development is all about the visitor experience. Our design team thrives on collaboration and creating beautiful exhibits that tell your meaningful stories.
Through custom murals and illustrations, our team can capture historical moments, connect the past and present, and set the scene for any type of exhibit.

Custom Fabrication

Safe, efficient installation requires skill, attention to detail, and partnering with museum staff. Our experienced team can take on any installation project, simple or complex, and deliver your desired results.
Our custom solutions seamlessly blend with the objects they support. Showcase and protect your collection, including glass and acrylic cases, mounts, conservation grade finishes and lighting.
Well-crafted structures let your stories shine. Our artisans collaborate with clients to produce custom work using a wide variety of materials.


Captivate your audience with unique interactive experiences. At Pacific Studio, we design, test, and build our interactive elements to ensure dynamic environments that are as durable as they are engaging.

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