Project Details

Client Exploratorium
Date 2014
Location Hot Springs, AK
Designer Exploratorium

Project Overview

Our project for the Exploratorium at the Mid-America Science Museum is an example of how Pacific Studio’s detailing engineers and fabricators work with designers to achieve extraordinary results. Our team turned the Exploratorium’s design sketches into striking displays that incorporate complex curves, compound angles, and structural support systems. The exhibits are all built from solid red oak hardwood, the largest genera of trees in Arkansas. Exhibit structures include two large multi-angled platforms, one supporting a mastodon and another a steam engine. Our engineers and fabricators designed a unique support system to attach stylized branches to a massive tree structure. This beautiful representation of an oak tree provides a comfortable reading nook for visitors of all ages. In addition, we fabricated a geology wall exhibit, which allows visitors to touch and explore soil and rock samples as they make their way through this magnificent space.